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Culver City, CA

I help goal oriented busy women (and some really cool men) find more time for what really matters.

By offering the tools, support, and the occasional dose of potty-mouthed honesty we clarify what brings her joy, get her prioritizing with confidence, cutting the fat from her schedule, and acting according to her values in order to accomplish more with ease and excitement.




From All Angles:
6 Questions. Unlimited Angles

Sharon Freedman

Interview #4
- Buckley Sampson -


1. Name  

Buckley Sampson of Image by Buckley

2. What are you passionate about helping people do better?

As an image consultant, I am passionate about helping people find their personal style and what will complement their head-to-toe appearance in the competitive marketplace. I take great pleasure in being able to assist and empower clients with the tools to make confident style choices that will help their career. My niche are actors, however, I work with 'real people' as well. I am a working actor of 20+ years in commercials, tv, film, and theater. I have also worked 10 years in the commercial casting world. I kept seeing how actors were misrepresenting themselves in auditions... They were so focused on their training to be an actor that they forgot they need to look the part... Clothes, hair, styling, etc.  I saw a way how to help them in ways I wish I was helped!  
I love to work with people to find their own unique style so they look fantastic and confident because, at the end of the day, I passionately want them to succeed.


3. What would you say is the secret to making more time for the things that really matter?

One has to make themselves a priority.  PERIOD.
When the flight attendant says "...put your own mask on before you assist someone else..." it is absolutely true. Only when you care and nurture yourself can you truly have the space to help and give to others.  It's a ritual that requires practice. When I find myself stressed, I have a long hard look at what I am neglecting or whatever is lacking and then take it upon myself to focus, prioritize and either complete it or discard if is not beneficial. Only then do I have the space to enjoy the important things that matter the most.


4.  If you could pull back the curtain for a sec what's something that we'd be surprised to learn about you?

I'm obsessed with anything Japanese.  I love going to Little Tokyo and shop in the malls.  I love the store MUJI.  Everything to me is simple, practical. beautifully contained and just makes sense. It's always an adventure of what I will find.  I love the people, the culture, the language and the fashion and food.

5)  What's your next big thing?

Well, my 'NEXT BIG THING' is just next week (they seem to occur weekly). I am creating an Actors Clothing Swap.  I've organized a group of men and women from the commercial acting industry to participate. This will be my inaugural swap and hopefully it will continue to be a monthly thing. I've selected actors from many different looks and backgrounds in order hopefully expand their style horizons of what they think they can wear. I want us all to get out of our style comfort zones as well as enjoy the camaraderie of fellow peers.

6) Give us one last word that sums it all up
 "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." Rachel Zoe

Buckley Sampson is a professional actors of more than 20 years in tv, film and commercials. She worked in commercial/theatrical casting for years and ran b casting working with Internet content for big brands. She has been the principle owner of Image by Buckley, an image consulting business, and loves helping men and women discover their sellable brand and image. She's married to Andrew, her dreamy pilot, they live in a mid-century modern home in Woodland Hills.