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Culver City, CA

I help goal oriented busy women (and some really cool men) find more time for what really matters.

By offering the tools, support, and the occasional dose of potty-mouthed honesty we clarify what brings her joy, get her prioritizing with confidence, cutting the fat from her schedule, and acting according to her values in order to accomplish more with ease and excitement.




The Simplest Way to Make More Time For The Stuff That Really Matters

Sharon Freedman

Let me guess, you’ve been insanely busy recently.

If you only had more time you’d see your family and friends/do something nice for yourself/take a big step forward in your business.

Here’s a quick reality check:

  • No matter what you do there will only ever be 24 hours in the day. 
  • Humans need to sleep otherwise they will get really sick and lose their minds.
  • Most of the time you’re so focused on multi-tasking and what you’re going to do next that you’re missing everything that’s happening right now.

Wait. Hold on. Don’t skim past that last thing I just said. 

What if I told you that by slowing down you’ll get more done and have more time? 

Ok, maybe I should clarify, I’m not going to give you a key to a secret stash of extra hours our something crazy like that, but you will experience your life more fully and have the chance to make a choice about how you spend your time. Researchers from Stanford actually found that people who were heavy multi-taskers had difficulties with concentration, organization, and attention to detail… even when they weren’t multi-tasking.  

So, if you’re less productive because you’re so determined to get tons done maybe it’s time to try a new approach. 

I’m talking baby steps, here. Like taking a few breaths before you start to eat and trying to really taste your first bit of food or feeling the water on your shoulders when you shower or literally stopping to smell the roses next time you’re in the grocery story and you walk past the flower section. Doing small things like that will thrust you back into the here and now, give you a chance to really think about what you want to do next and teach your brain that’s it’s ok to do one thing well as opposed to a bunch of things meodicore-ly. Remember, almost nobody does anything perfectly the first time (or second time, or even the third time).

Just cuz it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. 

If you'd rather feel loved, healthy and successful as opposed to busy; slow down, experience what's right in front of you and enjoy all of the new-found time that you used to just race passed.