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Culver City, CA

I help goal oriented busy women (and some really cool men) find more time for what really matters.

By offering the tools, support, and the occasional dose of potty-mouthed honesty we clarify what brings her joy, get her prioritizing with confidence, cutting the fat from her schedule, and acting according to her values in order to accomplish more with ease and excitement.




Why saying Yes and No are actually the same thing

Sharon Freedman

Over the past couple of months I’ve been feeling very creatively fulfilled. It makes me smile right now, even as I write those words, because that isn’t always the case. I’ve, also, been cultivating some new friendships, rekindling some old ones, and dipping my toe into Pilates for the first time.

Side note: The studio I’m going to makes a big show about how different they are from normal Pilates, but as long as it gets me standing up straighter because I have such strong sexy abs they can be as non-Pilates as they want.

As cool as all of these things are there have been some things that have had to take a back seat… Regular Monday blog posts have been one of those things. I can feel the apologies bubbling up, desperately wanting to be thrown all over the place, but in my heart I know that there is no apology necessary.

That’s because I’ve continued to remind myself that,
“When I say yes to one thing I’m saying no to something else.” 

Just sit with that for a second. That’s some good sh*@, right? Each cause actually has two effects. When you embrace the fact that every decision is both a yes and a no you gain some major power. For example, if I say yes to trying something that scares me I’m saying no to being fearful. If I say yes to an unhealthy behavior I’m saying no to feeling good about myself. 

Recently, some of my friends and I have been talking about the KonMari method. We’ve been cracking ourselves up thinking about all of the things that we could pick up, ask if it brought us joy, and then toss it in the trash if it didn’t. Ok, maybe it was one of those, "you had to be there" moments in terms of how funny it was to us, but the point is that we’ve been allowing ourselves to see how much power we have when it comes to the outcome of our lives.

Not only do we get to make a choice about what we do but we get to make a choice about how we feel about ourselves once we’ve made that decision.

I’ve taken this opportunity to embrace the fact that I chose not to stretch myself too thin and instead put my full attention into what I was doing and commit to adjusting my focus when it was time to move on to the next thing. Notice that part where I reminded myself to adjust my focus again in the future.

Our job is to continually take stock of which aspects of our lives need some extra love and attention and gently set down the area that has been getting all of it up to this point.

Confession time! I’ve never been great at following through on the things that scare me without my support system having my back. They encourage me to make declarations about what steps I’m going to take next toward reaching my goals, and once it's out there I have to motivation to stay true to my word. Accountability kicks a@@. I work with coaches, I’m in a Mastermind Group and I have awesome friends who inevitably are going to ask me about that thing I told them I was excited about doing.

If you’d like to declare your next steps to someone who will hold you accountable to follow through, feel free to schedule a time with me to do a free Testing the Water’s Session.

I’d, also, love to hear in the comments below what you plan to say yes to this week and what you will be saying no to in exchange. By sharing your ideas, you just may inspire someone else to do something they didn’t think possible.