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Culver City, CA

I help goal oriented busy women (and some really cool men) find more time for what really matters.

By offering the tools, support, and the occasional dose of potty-mouthed honesty we clarify what brings her joy, get her prioritizing with confidence, cutting the fat from her schedule, and acting according to her values in order to accomplish more with ease and excitement.





Sharon Freedman

Stop "Shoulding" All Over Yourself

Just because SHOULD technically has 6 letters it’s a four-letter word in my book.  

Note: Don’t get confused with curse words. I’m a big fan of curse words because sometimes they help put sounds to a feeling. All of those plosives…don’t get me started.

Now where were we, oh yes, another term for four-letter word is profanity, and profane means to treat with abuse… you see where I’m going with this, Folks.

When I hear people talking about what they should do, or should have done, or should be doing it’s always dripping with disappointment and self-punishment. Blech! There’s nothing motivating about that.

I dare you to talk about what you want and what you desire as opposed to what you should be doing.